Hugh's Trip to Great Britain

Photos from Hugh's trip to Great Britain, October 1999. Highlights of the trip are the visit to Wardend, ancestral home of Alexander and Margeret Campbell Esplin, and to Little Horton, birthplace and home of William Heaton, and to Wheldrake, Yorkshire, birthplace of William Heaton's wife, Esther Beilby.

Most photos have explanatory captions and text.

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On the plane

Alyth Parish Church

Parish Church

About the church

Cows Near Wardend

Rocks near Wardend

Wardend Cow

Wardend, home of Esplins

Jeanette & Shirley @ Wardend

Views of Wardend

Meeting the owner of Wardend

Visiting with Alexina-Wardend

Inside views of Wardend

History of Wardend

Kitchen at Wardend

Hallway and Entry at Wardend

Entranceway at Wardend

All about the inscription
Wi' friendship's Wyne Step ben

Dried flowers; Wardend dairy

Farm machinery at Wardend

Wardend, long shot

Church, Bridgend of Lintrathen

Lintrathen Church, continued

Earl of Airlie Castle #1


Guard house & church-Cortachy

Cortachy Church

Castle #2 in Cortachy

Further Cortachy Castles

Earl of Airlie Castle #2

Earl of Airlie Castle #3

Firth of Tay

Firth of Tay, Dundee

About Wheldrake & the Beilbys

St Helen's Church Wheldrake

Further St. Helen's

Heaton-Beilby Pedigree Chart

Church Little Horton

Little Horton, West Yorkshire

Church, Little Horton

Jeanette & Amy @ Little Horton

Inside the church

Road Signs